Isabel Caroline Fenwick

Blev högst 2 år.

Far: Fairfax Fenwick (1819 - 1883)
Mor: Anna Maria Eyre Godfrey (1824 - )

Född: 1860
Död: 18-01-1862

An inquest was held before the Coroner, Mr Howarth, on Monday, at the residence of Mr John Jones, Manor Place, on the body of Isabel Caroline Fenwick. The deceased a child of five years of age, was the daughter of Fairfax Fenwick, stock owner of Otapopo. On Saturday, the deceased with two more of Mr Fenwick's children and a nurse left the station in a bullock dray which was drawn by six bullocks, conveying Miss Mary Hobbs to Moeraki; as the dray descended the hill on the banks of the Otapopo River, the dray went over a large flax bush, and the jolt threw Miss Hobbs back in the dray with one of the children in her arms. The children screamed and the bullocks ran away, and the driver could not over take the dray to stop them. The clothes of the little boy caught the wheel of the dray, and he was dragged from the arms of Miss Hobbs who was almost unconscious, Miss Hobbs was then thrown out, The driver ran back to pick up the little boy, leaving the bullocks to go on, and when he and Miss Hobbs got to the dray, they found that the deceased had fallen out and been run over by the near wheel of the dray. The nurse-girl and the other child had held on to a box at the back of the dray and were unhurt. Miss Hobbs went back to the station for assistance. Dr Nelson gave medical evidence and the jury found a verdict of "Accidental Death."

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