Nicholas Alexander Fenwick

engelsk konsul. Blev högst 57 år.

Far: Charles Fenwick (1775 - 1832)
Mor: Susanne Johanne Berner (1788 - 1871)

Född: 25-11-1806 Helsingör
Död: 1863 England
Begravd: 1863 Brompton

Familj med Julia Octavia Benigna de Flindt (1814 - 1874)

Vigsel: 16-07-1847 Valsölille

Charles Henry Christian Fenwick (1849 - )
Nicholas Edward de Berner Fenwick (1850 - )

dopet konf 04-01-1807 Helsingör (St Marie). Nicholas Alexander Fenwick emigrated to New South Wales before being posted to Port Phillip as Police Magistrate. He was accompanied (at least to NSW)
by three of his sisters - Susannah, Hester and Ann - he arrived in March 1840 - but his brother Fairfax had "come out before him" and was a squatter in the area from 1840
Anne Drysdale in her diaries after a visit from Nicholas Fenwick and one of
his sisters: "We ought to consider this a high honor, as they are thought
very proud because they visit nobody; they are certainly well bred, but
quiet and unpretending in their manners."
april 1845 till England

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